About MDC

The Maryland Development Center is a MedTech Startup Studio that supports medical device inventors who want to move their ideas beyond the lab into the marketplace. Through design and engineering  we translate ideas into working prototypes that can be demonstrated to potential customers and investors. From there we use business development, funding support, and regulatory management to build a company around the go-to-market product and the inventor. Our studio model is intensely interactive; we often start and always actively participate in growing the company. The startup and growth process is enriched by the daily involvement of the doctors and engineers who own the companies and, in most cases, invented the devices which create value for society.

We use a combination of private investment funds and federal and state research and development funds to support the development of devices and companies. We have had good success using SBIR programs to fund the very earliest stages of our client companies.


Our location. We’re strategically located in Baltimore, Maryland along the Washington, D.C. I95 corridor, home to the highest concentration of people with advanced degrees in the United States. Maryland has the second highest level of federal research funding in the US. It is the country’s richest source of new science and inventions.

MDC offices are in a federally designated Opportunity Zone in Baltimore. The OZ program provides a federal tax incentive for investors, through deferral and partial tax reductions of reinvested capital gains, as well as forgiveness of tax on new capital gains. The State of Maryland has extraordinary incentive programs for investors in Biotech companies in Opportunity Zones. MDC uses these programs to leverage faster growth for its portfolio companies.

Baltimore is home to 13 colleges and universities, including the internationally recognized University of Maryland Baltimore, and Johns Hopkins University. More than 60 federal agencies and research labs are within 30 miles, bringing substantial federal spending and jobs to the city. Strategically located in the Mid-Atlantic region, and easily accessible by port, rail, air and highway, Baltimore City is a dynamic urban center which is fueled by a diverse economy. Baltimore also has two state-of-the-art biotechnology business parks and major employers in the healthcare, information and cybersecurity, finance and banking sectors.