Surgical Vision Systems, LLC

Advanced Imaging Systems for Surgery



Jonathan Pearl, MD
Advanced GI And Minimally Invasive Surgery

Gil Blankenship

Gil Blankenship, PhD
Chairman and co-Founder

Founded by MDC Partner Jonathan Pearl, MD Surgical Vision Systems is developing next generation hardware and software to provide advanced tools for imaging during surgery.

Surgical Vision Systems offers the SVS Thermal-Vision Laparoscope (SVS-TVL) for laparoscopic surgery. The TVL provides a surgeon with unique, enhanced imaging capabilities during surgery.

A second product, the SVS Laser Enhanced Thermography (SVS-LET) device designed for assessment of tissue health and blood perfusion, incorporates both laser illumination and thermal imaging in an integrated package.

We will also offer SVS Video Analytics Software (SVS-VAS) applying state-of-the-art image processing to various views of the operating field, including overlays of thermal, visible light images, and ultrasound.

Market Opportunity: More than 40,000 laparoscopic cameras and over 100,000 laparoscopes are sold in the United States each year. One company, Stryker, sells approximately 25,000 laparoscopic cameras per year. For each camera they sell 3-4 scopes. Stryker has about 70% of the market share, followed by Olympus and Storz. Each system costs $9,000 to $15,000. Camera heads cost $4,000-$5,000. Small hospitals usually have several cameras, academic medical centers have up to 50-100 cameras, and large community hospitals can have 200, or more. The busiest private practice hospital in the Washington DC area, Inova Fairfax, has 225 cameras and approximately 700 scopes. The University of Maryland Medical Center has 50 cameras and about 100 scopes. Cameras are generally replaced every 5 years. We estimate the global endoscope market to exceed $2 billion per year, including cameras, laparoscopes, maintenance and technical support. (Stryker’s endoscope business had revenues of $1.47 billion in 2016.) The SVS products will provide complementary views for the surgeon. They will not replace the existing visible light technology. As complementary technology, 10% of the total market is a realistic target for our products; however, we have used far more conservative figures to estimate 3-year revenues.

Surgical Vision Systems is funded by the Maryland Development Center.