Aerea Medical Systems, Inc.

Emergency Resuscitation and Airway Support


Dr. Aldo Iacono

Aldo Iacono, MD
Founder, co-Inventor

Jeffrey S. Wolf, MD FACS

Rajabrata Sarkar, MD PhD

Stephen Restaino, PhD

Aerea has developed the EO2 System for emergency resuscitation of patients who have stopped breathing. EO2 enables a person with limited training to create an emergency airway and provide oxygen to a person in distress.

Aerea is based on ideas and inventions from MDC Medical Advisors, Dr. Aldo Iacono, Dr. Jeffery Wolf, and Dr. Rajabrata Sarkar, and MDC’s Director of Engineering Dr. Stephen Restaino. 

The EO2 device has two key elements: a sensor for (automatically) locating the cricothyroid membrane, and an actuator (trocar) to penetrate (automatically) the membrane and insert a small cannula to transport low pressure/flow O2 into the distal airway. The EO2 Sensor uses a machine learning algorithm to detect and locate the cricothyroid membrane. The algorithm and detection method were invented by Dr. Restaino and Riddhi Gopal and MDC Bioengineer. 

Aerea has been funded by the Maryland Development Center and the United States Army SBIR Program.