Sleep better–Perform better


Madhvi Upender

Madhvi Upender, PhD
Co-founder, CSO

Amrit Bandy

Amrit Bandy
Co-founder, CTO

Raghu Upender

Raghu Upender, MD
Co-founder, CMO

Gil Blankenship

Gil Blankenship, PhD

About 70 million people in the US do not sleep well. In some cases they have specific issues such as sleep apnea caused by airway obstructions. In other cases they suffer from insomnia, a broad, chronic condition attributable to a range of factors. The mission of Awarables is to support people as they work to improve their sleep.

Awarables is bringing clinical-grade biometric sensing, patented analytics and validated sleep improvement therapyto help repair your broken sleep (without prescription sleep aids). Our Sleep Recorder powers you to understand your sleep quality by recording sleep in your home environment and over multiple nights and providing in-depth insights into sleep issues with intuitive metrics and analytics. Our Sleep Help program then guides you through your journey to better sleep via cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia. Visit the Awarables website for more information.

Awarables has been funded by the National Science Foundation, the US Army, and by the Abell Foundation of Baltimore.