MDC Wins an SBIR Project for the Development of Advanced Tools for Trauma Care

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MDC Signs Contract with the US Army for Development of Intelligent Algorithms in Trauma Care

Baltimore MD | December 24, 2018

The Maryland Development Center signed a Phase 1 SBIR Contract with the US Army for the introduction of machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence into combat casualty care. Based on ideas from Gil Blankenship, PhD, MDC’s CEO, MDC CTO Rasa Ghaffarian, PhD, MDC Director of Engineering, Stephen Restaino, PhD, MDC Partners Aldo Iacono, MD, and Rajabrata Sarkar, MD, the project will evaluate the use of intelligent algorithms for improvement of care. Dr. Restaino will be the Principal Investigator for the project.

The objective of the project is to design, develop, and demonstrate intelligent algorithms for combat casualty care embedded in a small, low cost, high-performance, open architecture computer system. MDC will focus on automated interventions in treatment of combat casualties. In related work MDC is developing tools for combat casualty care, including a novel tool for semi-automated vascular access invented by MDC Advisor Dr. Rajabrata Sarkar, an automated tourniquet system also invented by Dr. Sarkar for managing compressible hemorrhage from one or more limbs on one or more patients (e.g., in a mass casualty event), and an automated tool for airway access and emergency resuscitation invented by MDC Advisors Dr. Aldo Iacono, Dr. Jeffrey Wolf, and Dr. Sarkar. In future phases of the work, MDC will add additional trauma interventions and interface the AI algorithms with signals and data from vital signs monitoring tools.

Dr. Joseph DuBose, a trauma surgeon at the University of Maryland Medical Center R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center will advise the project. Dr. DuBose is a vascular surgeon, a Colonel in the US Air Force, and Director of the C-Stars Program at Shock Trauma.

MDC Advisor, Dr. Jonathan Pearl (CDR ret.), who has 13 years of military surgical experience, including tours in OIF, OEF will also support the project.

“Developing an artificial intelligence platform to support, and eventually to automate, the use of these and related tools at various levels of combat casualty care will have an important impact on military and civilian trauma care. We are deligthed to be working with the US Army TATRC on this project and to have the advantage of our team of Medical Advisors supporting the project.,” said Dr. Gil Blankenship, co-founder and CEO of MDC.

About Maryland Development Center

The Maryland Development Center is a Startup Studio created to commercialize intellectual property developed in Maryland’s rich research enterprises. Since its founding MDC has explored dozens of technologies, created 5 companies, and filed numerous patents. Maryland has the largest research budget in the United States; MDC was created to help realize some of the commercial value of the extraordinary research programs at the State’s great universities and laboratories.

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